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Our core team has built, shipped and led some of the most recognized software products in the world from social media to consumer VR to enterprise SaaS. We’ve experienced the loneliness of going from zero to one. And we’ve crossed the chasm that separates little-known upstarts from hypergrowth companies serving millions of users.

Community Native

Our clients and portfolio companies receive hands-on support from not only our core leadership but also the Outsider DAO, a curated community of builders, thinkers and influencers. Whether you’re a celebrity influencer, early startup, DAO, or Roblox world builder, we’ll help you simplify and accelerate your mission.

Our Services

Experts in Web2 and Web3, we partner with and accelerate companies at any stage leveraging lean development principles and the latest developments in artificial intelligence.


we fund exceptional people

Outsider typically provides capital during pre-seed and seed rounds, focusing on the most promising teams with ambitions to be category leaders in the interactive economy. As early investors, we don't just invest in deals, we invest in people.

Our areas of focus

AI Creative Tools & Platforms
Creator Economy
Metaverse & Gaming
Web2 --> Web3

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Relationships that span industries & continents

We partner with other organizations, from blockchains and software development studios to marketing agencies and law firms to help accelerate our founders at any stage of the value chain.

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founding team

We're founders and operators ourselves.

Shane Robinson

Shane is currently the CEO and cofounder of CO/AI, a community platform dedicated to AI literacy. He was formerly EVP and Executive Producer at Wevr where he helped lead some of the industry’s most recognized interactive software franchises, such as TheBlu and the Harry Potter VR. Before Wevr, he worked in a similar role at the award-winning Penrose Studios. Previously, he was the founder of a venture-backed e-commerce and digital media company, which was later acquired. Shane was also previously an M&A banker and investor for high-growth technology, media and telecom companies. A former contributing writer at Forbes, Shane is a veteran of the US Army and holds an MBA from Stanford and a degree in government from Harvard, where he was a John F. Kennedy fellow. Shane has spoken at SXSW, Cannes and various investment conferences around the world.

Anthony Batt

Anthony is currently the CPO and cofounder of CO/AI, a community platform dedicated to AI literacy. Anthony is a web technology pioneer and active voice in Interactive software design, SaaS product management and product design. Prior to co-founding Wevr, Anthony was President of Ashton Kutcher’s company Katalyst. While there, he co-founded YouTube channel Thrash Lab, dedicated to exploring and defining culture for a generation of creatives. Prior to Katalyst, Anthony founded the web’s fastest growing digital media company, SpinMedia (FKA BuzzMedia), with over 130M MAUs and backed by top tier VC firms. Anthony spent his early career founding large-scale VC-backed startups such as Greenplum (FKA Metapa), later acquired by EMC. He also founded Digital Threads and Troon with partners Craig Newmark and James Yaffee. Anthony and Craig later went on to launch the email list that became Craigslist.

Phil Shalala

Phil is currently the founder and Managing Partner of The Critical Co, an award-winning brand development and investment firm focused on Web3, sports & entertainment, hospitality and consumer products. Prior to Critical, Phil was a Managing Partner of Raptor Capital, and served as the CMO of both AMC Networks and the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. A former professional ice hockey player, Phil previously founded several notable brands, including the "Daylife" Platform, Rehab Beverage (Acquired by Monster) and Rehab TV.

Outsider Principles

We believe tomorrow’s biggest products will be variants of persistent 3D virtual worlds powered by game engines and in most cases leverage machine learning systems and blockchain protocols. We predict this future will be heralded by thinkers and creators who come from outside traditional institutions, norms and ways of being, where thinking different is celebrated and bold ideas take shape. Outsider is home for the weirdos, the mutts, the punks who will change the world by turning the weird into the wonderful.

We believe innovators are outsiders

The most impactful ideas often originate with people who see the world from a contrarian, or downright weird, point of view – we are a home to people on the fringe who turn the weird into the world-changing.

We invest early

Mike Tyson once said that everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face. Which is why we invest first and foremost in great teams who know how to adapt and elevate, no matter how hard they take it on the chin.

We love to collaborate

As founders ourselves, we know entrepreneurship is a lonely, emotional rollercoaster. That’s why we encourage and coordinate sharing among our portfolio founders, client teams, in-house advisors and partners.

Jason Calleiro

Head of Design | Brex, Meta, Alienware

Ely Sandvik

Community | NFT Investment
Friends with Benefits, Ocean Explorers

Patrick Gorrell

Gaming | CTO Splinterlands, Cofounder Cryptomonkz

Fred Choquette

Strategy | DeFi
Rain, Goldman Sachs, McKinsey

Jamell Cleary

Partnerships | CEO, MetaracerX

Ben Vance

World Builder | Founder, Windup Minds, Buffalo Vision, Electronic Arts

Julian Atehortura

Product Manager | Electronic Arts, Meta, Netflix

Angelica Sirotin

Operations | Rocket League

Patrick Ballard

Artist | Game Designer
CalArts, Wevr

Josh Wagner

Growth | Lyrical Lemonade, Virtue Animation

Steve Haldane

Software Engineer | Buzz Media, Wevr

Chris Tyler

Product Manager | Meta, Rev, Zynga

Jess Furman

Strategy | Partnerships
Tribes Studio, Blu3 DAO, Web3 Music Rights Group


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